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Since completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design,
I've learnt the perils of posting original work online and the issue of stolen work.
Looking at my deviations, particularly my biggest works, there are several "download" counts on them.
I now wish I never uploaded my works on here, because people from who knows where have unauthorised copies of my work.
I'm glad I have a watermark over the works, but it means that I must keep this account so that credits can be traced back to me via DeviantArt.
What a pickle I've woven myself into here.
And I'd be quite naive to think that everyone on this site respects copyright.

Over the next few days I think I'll "repo" the works on here to prevent any further downloads,
though the damage has already been done.

Entry for then:
This account stands as a credit trace for works that may have been downloaded through
I am contactable via email at:
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Hi ya'll..

And no, I haven't died or gone to the moon.

For those of you watching my account, you will agree with the title no doubt.
I've had a very extended period of creative block, mixed in with work, with a dash of laziness.
The perfect recipe for.. nothing!

However I've been doing a heap of life/still life drawin's and whatnot which I might upload. A lot of them are warm-up scribbles, and they're all A1 size so once I pick out a few good ones, and work out how to get digital copies of them, they'll be up here. I might have a couple other bits and bobs which I'll try to dig up.

I hope you like them. :)

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I don't know why this is called "Tally Ho"
but anyway

I'm not being a sook anymore and have turned over a new leaf: surrealism
well at least attempting to turn over such a leaf haha
so for our massive art exam equivalent we an either do a 3000 word essay or a creative alternative
I've got my heart set on doing the creative alternative at all costs, naturally

And just had a pretty heavy but inspiring lecture on surrealism so I'm gonna attempt what I can already see as a monumental task
So I'll either be digging my own grave, or,
with a bit of research it.. just might work....
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Yes we've all been there before,
or will be there.

Now it's my turn ha.

Also, uni isn't all the wonderful things people say it is,
peers are intimidating and teachers are ruthless.
That may be what the "real" world is like,
but shouldn't be for a first-year student :(
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i'm off to thailand tomorrow
for 11 days!

so the point of this journal is to inform you all
that i will be taking my crappy little Canon IXUS II with me
how very tourist-ish

and hopefully i can get some of those lovely sunset shots
and a few more perhaps of the people and lifestyle,
if you're lucky haha.
wish me luck!
i hope i haven't forgotten to pack anything..

...i'm going to miss my cat soooooooooo incredibly much
sorry, claire and everyone,
but he's my number one

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i just saw

the most







neverrrr again.....
Right peeps, it's that time of year again when uni peeps are interviewing school peeps for entry into the uni course peeps. And my first one is the day after exams finish, exactly a week today. And alas, i have nothing.

SO IT'S REALLY URGENT that you guys help me by giving an un-biased opinion on what you think would impress the panel of judges.

Just asking anyone who can be bothered to spare a minute to pick as many or as few pieces from my gallery to use
Or give me some critique/tips
that'd be a bonus :)

All contributions are greatly appreciated!!

And many thanks to claire for this good idea
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Just cause I felt like uploading more stuff from up to 3 years ago lol!
It's not fantastic, and it helped me realise how crap my camera is
So don't mind that, cause I'm onto it
But yeah, just got a sudden urge to upload things..
I might upload my finals soon
Myabe I should wait until after they're marked.. iono

School is getting better and stuff
So I hope I have more spare time to just draw and do what I love to do :)
And then upload it on here!

So please have a look and leave critique/comments
It's greatly appreciated!

Well, imma go have a hot chocolate now
catch nerds :heart:
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Yeah I know, my poor DeviantArt is more neglected than a lost pet dog..
It's cause of school and a new job and things hah.

But I'm finishing up my folio so hopefully I'll have more coming soon. No promises.. haha.
And Shezii's been a star for me, as my Alice.
Hmm anyway, my NEW Nintendo64 calls heheheh.
Hope you're all well and things, thanks for reading.

Over and out,
hopefully not for long!
catch you nerds
Well I'm sitting here being lazy and thought I'd do my first journal.
If you don't like pointless rambling, escape! escape! escape!

Ever tried both flavours of Twisties at the same time? Wait, my first question should have been, Have you ever bought both flavours of Twisties at the same time? And I wasn't going to ask if you like Twisties, because every one likes Twisties unless you've lost your sense of smell.

By the way, if you lose your sense of smell, you can't taste anymore either. I learned that from LA Ink. God bless their cotton socks.
My page looks a bit bland I think. Plus it has hardly got anything in the gallery, let alone variety. I have a bit, I swear! It's just not digital..

Speaking of which, that reminds me of.. Uni courses. And no I don't really want to settle for TAFE because the qualifications are just not there. I'd love to go to NMIT because  they have great facilities and I know my friends all want to go there. But my parents want me to get a Degree instead of just a Diploma because it gives you more opportunity for work because of your higher qualifications. But then Uni doesn't offer as much help as TAFE, so I've heard. Both have their pro's and con's and I have just no idea which I want to aim for.

The other thing is which course at all to pick! That's another huge decision in itself! I see myself as more of a traditional artist rather than with other medias, though I suppose I'm not too bad with a tablet lol. But in this day and age, who wants a painter? Maybe someone looking to redecorate their room with shocking floral wallpaper to a better kind of boring white. But see, that's wrong for me. Sure I can get the qualifications and whatever in Fine Arts, but after I finish, then what? Poo, that's what!

So I looked at Youth Work, which sounds really great seeing I love to help people and all. It'd be pretty rewarding. I always love to give a helping hand or even just a pair of ears to someone in need. The reward is seeing them back on their feet again.
But I dunno, Youth Work seems like the type of thing that would take a toll on you emotionally. Once you get into the really heavy stuff, which I get the feeling I won't handle all that well. I mean, I read an article in the newspaper about a mother cat who tried to save her kittens from a burning building, and all except one, were lost. She lost her family and her own life. That made me cry. I really couldn't handle that, and I locked myself in the bathroom for a bit. Plus being the animal/cat person I am, it's just so fucked. Same with this Youth Work thing, I like kids and people.. not as much as I like animals.. hah.

I'm screwed!

And I miss Joel, a fucking lot.

Anyway, the phone's ringing, better answer it.
Signing off for another (insert long duration of time).
See ya nerds.
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